Welcome to your online Lagree workout, straight off the Mega from studio SMÜV. 

This is a 40 minute class designed exclusively for those of you that have a Mega or Microformer at home,

but you are absolutely welcome to participate with sliders, skateboards, paper plates, or whatever at-home props you have on hand.

Just be sure to get creative and be flexible on the fly, as we will be using Mega/Microformer based cues only.

We suggest a mat to substitute for the "platform", something that slides to sub for the "carriage",

resistance bands or free hand weights to substitute for moves using resistance cables on the Mega/Microformer.

Grip socks are optional for your at home practice.

Quick fix modifications include: 

1. range of motion

2. from wrists down to elbows, and 

3. from toes down to knees

S M Ü V  O N  D E M A N D


You will be redirected to the video upon completing the payment through PayPal.

The material is made specially for your personal and individual use only.


Please email us at sanjose@smuvstudios.com for any questions/comments, and

follow us on our Instagram @smuvlagreefitness for the latest updates and weekly uploads.


001 | FIRE - Full Body


002 | FIRE - Full Body


002 | FIRE - Full Body



Full Body


002 | FIRE - Full Body


004 | FIRE - Full Body


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