Frequently Asked Questions

and other Helpful Information about our Studio

1. How do I book my class?

There are 3 ways to book a class at SMÜV:

- MINDBODY (recommended)

- ClassPass 

- Peerfit 

*You must be 18+ to take a class at SMÜV. All services must be pre-booked and pre-paid with a valid card stored on file, and are non-refundable/exchangeable/transferable. We do not recommend walk-ins without pre-booked or pre-paid services as spaces are not guaranteed, and we do not accept any cash or check payments in studio. 

2. Which class should I take?
We distinguish each 40-minute Signature class as follows:

- Fundamentals (Beginner) is our 101 class to learn the basic form, core balance, and proper alignment of each move, and a quick intro to the Megaformer M3 is provided 3 minutes before class *Brand-spankin' New Clients must be present for the 3-min M3 Intro or reschedule without penalty for safety reasons

- Fire™️ (Intermediate, 3+ Fundamentals classes recommended) is our signature heat with layers of creative variations to your favorite Fundamentals moves

- Flex™️ (Intermediate, 3+ Fire classes recommended) is our fully Upper Body class that targets the abs, obliques, and arms

- Flow™️ (Power Yoga-Inspired, yoga practice is a + but not required) is Katrina's very own power yoga-inspired class taught exclusively at SMÜV

3. Whose class should I take?

We Trainers have our own personalities and sequencing methods, but we all follow the SMÜV Routine Standards to ensure each 40-minute class is full body and awesome. Pre/postnatal or other specific certifications can be found in each Trainer's bio on the Schedule. Feedback is always welcome before/after class or through direct email.

4. Can I take a class if I am pregnant or just had a baby?

If you are currently pregnant and have never taken a Lagree class before,

we recommend that you do not start a Lagree practice until after you have your beautiful baby. The general advice from pre/postnatal professionals is to recover for 6 to 8 weeks before starting/re-starting a fitness routine. When you're ready for the snap back, we offer all New Baby Mamas a complimentary 20-minute Pre/Postnatal Private Class (redeemable within 3 months postpartum) before you jump into your first official group class. Simply schedule your Private Class via email.

If you have taken 15+ classes and then have become pregnant, or if you have taken 15+ classes in the past and are a Returning Baby Mama, you are also eligible for a complimentary 20-minute Pre/Postnatal Private Class to learn pregnancy-specific modifications you can take during a group class. Simply schedule your Private Class via email.

Your doctor's consent is advised pre and post pregnancy.

5. What should I wear? What should I bring?

We recommend you wear fitted active clothes that are easy to move in, sans jewelry that could get damaged, and clean of strong scents that could distract neighboring Clients. Grip socks are required for every class for safety and sanitation, and we have branded ones available for purchase ($10 + tax) at the front desk. We have a filtered water station to fill your water bottle and take to your machine, as well as complimentary essential oil-infused towels to mop up your glorious sweat. We've also got loaner socks if you ever forget, back up hair ties, dry shampoo, and deodorant stocked in the restroom. If you ever leave anything in the studio, you might find it in the 'Lost & Found' stored in the Client Lounge. 

6. What should I expect when I arrive to the studio?

Park in any available spot in the Berryessa Plaza, and we'll check you in at the front desk. Store your belongings in the cubby shelves, slip on your grip socks, and bring your water and complimentary towel with you to your machine.

If you are expecting an emergency phone call, please inform your Trainer, keep your phone under your front platform on vibrate as to not distract your neighboring Clients, and leave quickly and quietly if necessary. 

If this is your first Fundamentals class, please remember to arrive early enough for your 3-minute M3 Intro. Brand-spankin' New Clients must reschedule (without fee) should they miss the M3 Intro for safety reasons.

And please remember to inform your Trainer of pre/post pregnancy, medical, or other physical conditions.

7. What is the class like?

You will hear lots of names and cues during your 40-minute class (which will without a doubt be confusing AF especially if it is your first class), and your neighboring Clients will be of all levels of fitness and experience, which may distract but hopefully motivate you.

Take your time and use your breath - the transitions will sound quick, but the moves themselves will be super slow and controlled. Some moves will be of lighter resistance and require more balance, some moves will be heavy and require more power - but ALL moves will be intensely hot and require mind body connection. You will shake, especially when you get it right - embrace it!

Each class holds a maximum of 10 Clients, so rest assured you will have personalized attention with hands-on adjustments. For whatever reason should you prefer a hands-free practice, please do not hesitate to inform your Trainer as we are always honored to respect your space. 

8. And that's it?

That's it! After class, take a few stretches, wipe and reset your M3 for the next Client, take a sweaty selfie, purchase a post workout snack or shake, and chill in the Client Lounge if you got the time. We have a spacious restroom and a separate changing space. We do not have a shower.

9. Why is the New Client promo one full week? Do I have to come every day?

Because you deserve it! And really because the first class is tricky. The M3 mechanics, the names of the moves, the set up and deepening cues, the modifications and variations - they only truly start to stick by the 3rd or 4th class. Though you are allowed to take 1 class every single day, the popular Lagree routine is 3-4 times a week, which we recommend for ample recovery and the best results overall. These 7 consecutive days will also allow you to decide which class times work best with your schedule, meet and try out new Trainers, and ask questions or provide feedback.

*All New Clients of SMÜV are eligible for this one-time use promotion. This promotional week expires 30 days from the date of purchase.

10. What if the class is already full?

Join the waitlist! You've got pretty good odds at number 1 or 2 on the waitlist, and will receive a confirmation email once you are officially off of the waitlist and reserved into the class. Once you are officially reserved into the class, our standard Cancellation Policy (#11) applies. If you do not get into a waitlisted class, you do not incur any penalty, and we'll just have to see you in the next one.

11. What if I need to cancel a class I booked?

Our Cancellation Policy is as follows:

- You may cancel 4 hours prior to class without penalty

- Should you cancel within the 4 hour window before class, you will incur no fee, however you will lose 1 class

- Should you miss a class as a 'No Show', you will incur a $20 fee to the card stored on file, and you will lose 1 class

12. What are your Membership options?

Memberships are automatically recurring services charged monthly to your card stored on file. 

We have the following Membership Options:

SMÜV Mini $99 per month

5 classes per month

SMÜV Teaser $119 per month

8 classes per month 

SMÜV Talker $149 per month

12 classes per month 

SMÜV Squad $179 per month

Unlimited classes per month

All Memberships include:

- 1 class max per day

- No rollover

- Each class over 5 is a $18 Member Rate Single Class

- No minimum commitment, cancel any time via email 

13. What are the perks of a Membership?

- $20 Member Rate Single Class (regularly $30)

- 20% discount towards merchandise or health foods

- 1 complimentary Guest Pass per month

- Private Birthday Class with fam and friends

- Exclusive upgrades, promotions, and more


*Full deets in studio

14. What if I need a break, am traveling, or need to cancel my Membership?

Membership Hold: you may place a hold on your Membership for up to one full billing cycle without fee via email. You may still drop into classes during your Hold for the $20 Member Rate Single Class.

Membership Cancellation: cancel your Membership any time via email.

15. How are the Class Packages different?

Class Packages are non-recurring, one-time purchase services of a specified number of classes to take within a specified amount of time. 


We have 3 package options:

Single Class $30

- Take your Single Class within 30 days of purchase

5 Class Package $135 ($27 per class)

- 1 class max per day

- Take your 5 Classes within 60 days of purchase

10 Class Package $250 ($25 per class)

- 1 class max per day

- Take your 10 Classes within 90 days of purchase

16. Do you offer Private Classes?

Why yes, we do! Private classes can be for an individual, a pair, a triplet, or even a full 10 Client class with your favorite workout friends. Simply

email us to request our custom pricing and to schedule your private or

semi-private class.

17. Can I purchase a Gift Certificate for a family member or friend?

Why yes, of course! Purchase a Virtual Gift Certificate of any custom amount here.

18. Do you always have to take and post photos of us sweatin' on the Mega?

We take lots of pictures, record real time stories, post live vids - all the things to keep our Social Media game strong. For whatever reason should you prefer a camera-free experience, please do not hesitate to inform us as we are always honored to respect your privacy.

19. Can I bring my kids or pets?

You are welcome to bring your children to stay in the Client Lounge during class so long as they are well-behaved and you accept liability for any accidents. We do play explicit music with words and lyrics at times inappropriate for children. Please leave your pets at home as to avoid possible allergic reactions from neighboring Clients.

20. Wait so, this isn't Pilates?

With all due respect - no, this is NOT Pilates. Traditional Pilates was designed as a body control and corrective system using stretching, core strengthening, and alignment exercises to improve stability, coordination, and balance. While these same benefits result from the Lagree Method™️, Lagree is purposefully designed as a highly intense, slow and controlled, resistance-based, total body, ass-whoopin' physical fitness training method. Trust us, it ain't the same thang.

21. When will I see results?

The science shows that depending on your height, weight, and fitness level, you can melt anywhere from 200 to 800 calories within the 40 minutes of class. Off of the M3, end results require discipline, consistency, and healthy, happy lifestyle habits. Each Client is on a deeply personal health and fitness journey, and goals differ from weight loss, muscle gain, or simply finding a workout regime that accommodates an injury or other physical condition. Just remember that muscle weighs more than fat, and STRONG is the new sexy. 

22. I have fallen in la-la-love with Lagree.  What steps do I take to become a Trainer?

Seriously though, how could you not? Please email us for info on our SMÜV Mentorship™️ training program - it's life-changing!

23. Can we collaborate?

Interested in our Instagram Ambassador program? Please email for deets.


- Please email

for any other specific questions and/or comments,

thank you! -